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So i was tagged by :iconkoalakorner59: AND :iconharuhi10669: AAAAND :iconmatataku: AND ALSO :iconwolfie-the-dork:

The Rules:
1. You Must Post The Rules.
2. Each Person Must Post 5 Things About Themselves In Their Journal.
3. Answer The Questions The Tagger Set For You In Their Post, And Create Eleven New Questions For The People You Tag To Answer.
4. You Have To Choose 11 People To Tag And Post Their Icons On Your Journal.
5. Go To Their Page And Tell Them You Have Tagged Them.
6. No Tag Backs.
7. No Stuff In The Tagging Section About "You're Tagged If You're Reading This". You Legitimately Have To Tag 11 People

Stuff about myself.
1. I like piano, though it takes me forever to learn ONE song.
2. never left California...
3. I'm terribly weird.
4. I hate a lot of things, therefore all my friends NEED to be perfect, and they are. :D
5. I like things normal people don't... (of course i ALSO like things that normal people like XD)

Questions from :iconkoalakorner59:
1. What's your favorite game?! (something 1980-2001)
Uhhh, hard to say, but I'd choose Grandia 2! its AWESOME

2. What,s you're favorite color?
nice question... Green

3. How would you troll the person you love?
Tell them I've got an STD, and ask them if they'd stay with me.
see whats up! XD

4. Are you a sadist or a masochist? (or both?)

5. What's you're favorite web-comic?(or rising web-comic artist?)

6. Do you have pets?

7. What's you're desired superpower?
like, time freezing would be nice, because water wouldn't collapse if you stepped on it, and TADA you can motherfucking walk on water.

8. Are you a morning person?

9.  Who do you like to bother when you're bored?

10. Did you have a funny traumatizing childhood event?
Nothing funny, sadly. D:

And next are :iconharuhi10669:'s questions
1) What's the worst injury you've ever gotten?
sprained an ankle...

2) What's your favorite dessert?
Flan, i wonder why?
oh, and Chocolate!

3) What's your favorite dA icon?

4) What's your favorite pasttime/hobby-thingie?

5) What's your favorite flower?
Roses... shut up.

6) What's the answer to life, the universe, and everything?!
the great server in the sky.

7) If you could bring any fictional character to life, who would it be?
Aang (hell FUCKING yes)

8) IT'S A BIRD! NO! IT'S A PLANE! NOOO!!! IT'S ______________? Fill in ze blank

9) You and I wake up in the back of a police car. What's the first thing you say? Use as little words as possible... GO!

10) What's something you're really good at/talent?
being a total weirdo.

UP NEXT IS :iconmatataku:
1. What is your all-time favorite video game?
All time? hard to choose D:
but it would be Final Fantasy Tactics...

2. Grab the last book you read, turn to page 22, and post the fifth sentence of it.
"The Emperor that was overthrown was Grandpa's father." -Persepolis

3. If you woke up to find me in your bed, what would you say?
if you are just there, i would say "How are you HERE, but not over THERE?!"
if you were naked I'd say "Oh my GOD Andie..."

4. Your favorite artist goes up against your favorite author. Who wins?

5. What's your favorite movie?
This is something i don't have, any good movie to me is GREAT.

6. Suddenly you ship your favorite character of a video game with your least favorite character of the same game. Who are they and what do you call the ship?
Fayt/Albel Boy on boy. yes ;)

7. What would you do if I walked into your house and said: WHERE IS MY HAMMER? I MUST SEARCH FOR THE ONE CALLED "LOKI"
I'd tell you: "your hammer is in anther castle- i mean house..."

8. You suddenly have superpowers based on your current clothing. What are your powers?
awwww crap...
power of heat?

9. The last video game you played is now your life, how fucked are you?
not too bad, if i get stabbed nothing will happen, the magic bars in the sky only decrease, but i spontaneously die after it is depleted... of course my friends can bring me back to life with shit you can buy for 10 cents in the store, you would wonder why people even die at all?

10. Zombie apocalypse, who would you prefer to have on your team?
I'd just shoot myself. >.>

because we are used to the number TEN.

:iconwolfie-the-dork:'s QUESTIONS
1. OTP, what is it, justifications for your ship?
most of my favorites are the ones that are actually in the game/show, i don't like to pair them against each other.
but if the thing ends without pairings, oh my... i would ship so hard.

2. What's your favorite thing about yourself?
mY iMaGiNaTiOn.

3. Your least favorite?

4. Ok, you have a new dog now. What breed is it, and what is its name?
its is a pure bulldog.

5. Who would you rather face in a battle to the death, Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf or your favorite character from anything ever?
favorite character from anything ever.

6. Do you have any memories you're not sure if they're real or not? If so: what?
when i was young. >.>

they are hanging on the flag pole at school.

8. Best album, what is it, by who?

9. You just teleported to a world where your name is based on the way you present yourself to strangers. What is your name?
First name: Sadisticcurlofdegeneratingdepressivebioemotionofhorror
Last name: Happyspankassmotherfuckoftheantitimeaura

10. What is this? WHAT the eff is this? SERIOUSLY??
its a giant PIECE OF SHIT you almost tripped over in your living room.

11. So, we meet again. In a park. In a compromising position. Anything to say about that?
... So what are you doing here anyway?

**MY Questions**
1. Do you think teens should vote?
2. If you could have any 4 moves in pokemon what would they be? (permanent)
3. what is YOUR purpose in life?
4. Whats your sexuality? (please don't wonder why i ask this)
5. What do you think of Mon?
6. When you eat, what goes through your head?
7. what is your favorite drink?
8. what would you say if everyone in the WORLD passed gas simultaneously?
9. how far can you spit?
10. what would you do if you were the only person left in the world?
11. Do you like Rice?


:iconwolfie-the-dork: :iconmatataku: :iconmostfearednightmare: :iconneonvisu:
You know... i don't have many friends on here...
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing


Not at all ^^
United States


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